Bible King James Version

Religion and spirituality are the two most essential elements of life. In order to savor these elements, ‘King James Version’ offers an elegant design for reading and listening to the Holy Bible. It contains the text of King James Version of The Bible.

The app offers amazing features to increase the legibility and readability of The Bible. Immerse yourself in complete spirituality with an app that provides the audio facility, offline feature, bookmarking, keyword search and much more. The app has a lot more features including the options of customization and sharing verses to social networks.

King James Version is equipped with attributes which will bring a charm to every lover of The Holy Bible and is totally free.

✅ Audio feature

Listening is an easier alternative to reading. The app provides this feature through which users can listen to each and every verse of the Bible. The volume, speed and tone are also customizable as per the liking of the user. The tone will help to adjust the audio of the app according to the mood of the user.

✅ Offline

The app is excellent for reading the Bible even without having an active internet connection. Take the Bible anywhere you would like to. The online access to the app allows the users to read the verses of the Bible without even having internet access.

✅ Customizable

A lot of features are provided for the customization of the app. The text size can be changed as per the need of the reader. Searching facility is provided through which one can search any verse they desire. The adjustable volume, speed and tone is also a valuable option for further satisfaction.

✅ Bookmark and Save

Liked a verse and want to remember it? Bookmark or save it and access it in the future. This option will help to keep track of your favorite verses. Furthermore, it will make it easier to memorize the verses.

✅ Night Mode

Reading at night and lowlight conditions will become easier through this app. The app offers night mode which will make the background darker making it easier for the eyes.

✅ Favorites and Notes

Another feature to keep track of your desired verses is by using favorites. A complete list can be created which will be organized by the dates they were marked. Notes can also be added according to the user’s liking.

✅ Sharing

Sharing the verses of the Bible has never been easier. The app allows the user to share the verses through multiple platforms. Users can share the verses either on social media or by text and email.

King James Version has a multitude of other features as well. The verses which have the same topic are linked. The last verse read is remembered so that the reader does not have to face hassle the next time the app is opened. Furthermore, a schedule can be set in order to receive notifications on the phone of a verse.

The app is excellent and will be loved by anyone who loves reading the bible.